Mensch (2011)

The production Mensch will take shape at two extremely Dutch locations: first amidst the nature of the island of Terschelling and then in a shed of the former Dutch Dock and Shipbuilding Company in Amsterdam. The third and final part will be performed in Dutch theatres in the autumn.

‘The more I travelled the world and worked with people from many different cultures, the more I became interested in what ‘being different’ actually means. Identity is an elusive thing, yet many people feel called upon to safeguard it. Just look at the Netherlands, with its tradition of being tolerant and open to the outside world, though in recent years suddenly fearful and closed off. In our daily lives, too, we are continually drawing boundaries between who belongs to us and who doesn’t; boundaries that can often shift again from one minute to the next. Mensch is about human behaviour; about exposing yourself and adapting, and about feeling small in big surroundings and making yourself big in your own small world. The production Mensch is a quest for what makes us who we are, and for what connects us, divides us and makes us unique.‘
Anouk van Dijk

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Of being lost and the landscape
In our own familiar surroundings, we often attribute a more important role to ourselves than we actually have. But at the same time we are aware that it is difficult as an individual to make a real difference in a world that is too big to oversee. Two dancers at this overwhelming location appear to have been left at each other’s mercy. They swing back and forth between their need to keep one another close and their desire to control the situation, and thereby the other person.

Of urges and observation
Seven dancers share a small, enclosed space. Nobody can separate themselves from the others and everybody wants to occupy as much space as possible. Sometimes the group moves in harmony and sometimes someone suddenly becomes an outsider. Behaviour is copied, duplicated and amplified. Along with sound artist Marcel Wierckx, Van Dijk composes a world that shrinks and grows, oppresses and amazes.


‘In the dance production Mensch by Anouk van Dijk, people are vulnerable creatures in overwhelming surroundings. ... Mensch has the clenched force of a thundery shower.’ NRC Handelsblad

‘An exceptional performance.’ De Volkskrant


concept / choreography Anouk van Dijk created for and with Eszter Czédulás | Peter Cseri | Philipp Fricke | Leo Kirjonen | Yichun Liu | Jussi Nousiainen | Danilo Tesi | Roser Tutusaus | Jorijn Vriesendorp composition / sound design Marcel Wierckx | Evelien van den Broek (ass.) sets Anouk van Dijk | Koen van Oosterhout costumes Jessica Helbach dramaturgy Jerry Remkes rehearsal directors Angie Lau | Nina Wollny Anouk van Dijk's assistant Clémentine Vanlerberghe production Heleen Rol (hfd) | Sabine de Groot technical production Koen van Oosterhout (hfd) | Jorrit Boerman | Thiadmer van Galen | Adriaan de Geus | Armand Wouters set-builders Thiadmer van Galen (hfd) | Anne Dokman | Olav van Enkhuijzen | Matthijs Hofman | Maarten Krijger management Jerry Remkes | Loes Wernsen (ass.)

speellijst 2011